Giraffe Felt Sewing Pattern

Giraffe Felt Sewing Pattern


Small sized pattern

Normal sized pattern (use MS Paint to print it out to multiple pages that you can tape together)

1/2" yard or 2, 18" x 22 1/2"
Golden Honey Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt
1, 9" x 12" Cinnamon Rainbow Classic Felt
Polyester Fiberfill
Black Embroidery Thread

All seams are 1/4"

Step 1. The following pattern pieces are cut out of Golden Honey Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt: body , Gusset and Ears .

Step 2. Cut mane , tail and various shapes to decorate giraffe body out of Cinnamon Rainbow Felt. (Layout decorative shapes onto body and secure with buttonhole stitches around edges before sewing body pieces together.)

Step 3. Gusset & Body: Sew gusset to body right sides together stitching from to along outer edge of legs. Set aside.

Step 4. Ear: Sew ear sections right sides together. Repeat for second pair.

Clip ear along curves and turn right side out. Turn in unfinished edge and pleat ear.

Place ear on body (head) and stitch in place.

Step 5. Mane: Place mane along back neck of giraffe between and stitch onto one side of body, first.

Step 6. Tail: Pin tail to body at placement.

Step 7. Neck: Pin body sections together, sew between and along outer edge of neck and head.

Step 8. Body: Sew gusset seams to (leave space for turning) and to .

Step 9. Clip curves and turn giraffe right side out.

Step 10. Stuff firmly with fiberfill.

Step 11. Slipstitch gusset closed between and .

Step 12. Enjoy your giraffe!