Simple Poncho Sewing Pattern

Simple Poncho Sewing Pattern

Materials List
1-1/4 yds. of 58/60” wide fleece fabric
5-1/4 yds. of 2" wide fringe trim
7/8 yd. of 3/4" wide Novelty Braid

Finished Garment
Step 1:
Cut fabric to a 44" square.

Step 2: To cut poncho evenly, fold fleece in half both lengthwise and crosswise. At the center corner of the fold, place a few pins to hold all layers together. Make a mark 3" down from the point on each side. Draw a 3" long line from each marked point, forming a square. Cut out the marked square through all thicknesses.

Step 3: The neck opening will be finished with the 3/4" wide Novelty Braid. Starting at one corner, pin braid along the edge, folding out each corner diagonally. At the last corner, turn under end diagonally over braid already in place. Machine stitch along both edges of braid.

Step 4: For outer edges, place band edge of fringe trim just over the cut edge of the fabric, folding out fullness at each corner. Turn under ends of trim at edge where they meet. Baste band edge of trim in place through all thicknesses.

Step 5: Machine-stitch band edge of trim in place, as basted. Remove basting and anchoring thread from fringe trim.