Precious Peeps Baby Quilt Pattern

Precious Peeps Baby Quilt (40 1/2" X 40 1/2") Pattern

Materials List
Peeps Pattern (Prints out on four pages so you can tape it together and have full sized template.)

Here's a half sized version of the pattern so you can see what it looks like.

5 fat quarters lilac calico
4 fat quarters lime calico
1 fat quarter orange calico
1/2 yd. yellow chenille
1 1/2 yds. lavender flannel for backing
4 yds. 3/8" lavender ribbon
Black felt or fabric for eyes
2 pkgs. Heat'n Bond fusible web
Crib size quilt batting

Scissors, iron & ironing board, sewing machine, rotary cutter & mat, safety pins, needle & matching thread, invisible thread

Directions (all seams are 1/4")

Cut five 14" squares of lilac calico. Cut four 14" squares of lime calico. Cut 11 2 1/2" strips for binding. Strips should measure 2 1/2" x 18". Set aside.

For each square, enlarge chick body, feet & beak patterns 200% & trace on paper side of Heat 'n Bond. Follow manufacturer's directions to fuse body tracing to chenille & feet & beak to orange calico. Cut & fuse to squares.

Machine applique as desired, using zig-zag, button-hole or straight stitch.

Alternating colors, sew blocks together in rows of three. Sew rows together.

Cut one 44" x 44" square of flannel for backing. Cut one 44" x 44" square of batting.

To layer, place backing right side down & lay batting over backing. Place quilt top right side up on top of the batting. Beginning at the center of the quilt top, pin the layers together every 4-6", smoothing the fabric as you work toward the edges.

Quilt as desired or use photo for reference. If machine quilting, use a quilting foot. Adjust stitch length to make 6-12 stitches per inch & loosen upper tension when using invisible thread. Begin in the center of the quilt top & quilt outward in all directions.

Sew the (11) 2 1/2"x18" strips together end-to-end in alternating colors to form the binding. Press all seams open. With wrong sides together, fold & press the binding strip in half lengthwise. Turn the short raw edge of the binding strip to the inside.

Match the raw edges of the binding strip & the quilt top, beginning the binding along the center of one side. Begin sewing the binding to the quilt top through all layers. Stop sewing 1/4" from the corner of the quilt top. Backstitch & clip threads. Remove quilt top from under sewing-machine presser foot. Fold the binding strip up, creating a diagonal fold. Hold the fold in place with a finger. Fold down the binding to create a fold at the top edge & align with the adjacent quilt edge. Sew through the top fold, stitching through all layers. Continue around quilt, repeating diagonal fold at each corner. Sew binding to all edges.

When the binding meets at the start point, insert end of the overlapping binding into the folded binding & continue stitching. Clip threads & remove quilt from the sewing machine.

Trim excess batting & backing even with the quilt top. Fold binding over the seam to the back of the quilt. Hand-stitch the binding to the backing fabric to cover machine stitching.

Make small bows and attach to each chick at neck. Sew black felt or fabric in place for eyes; double stitch to ensure secure placement. Alternate eye option: use DMC black floss or pearl cotton to create a French knot.

Approximate Crafting Time: 8 hrs.
Skill Level: Intermediate