T Shirt Purse Sewing Pattern

T Shirt Purse Sewing Pattern

Materials List
2- Tshirts (you could probably get by with just one, if you wanted) The size of the shirts depends on the size of the purse you want. Look at the neckhole to get a rough idea of the final size

Normal sewing supplies

Lining fabric

Cut every t-shirt piece in the lining fabric and use the interfacing to stablize it.


1. Cut the t-shirt into a trapezoid around the neckhole. The neck won't be exactly on top, but rather pointing a little bit toward the front. The picture shows what it looks like when you unfold it.

Step 1

2. Use the trapezoid to measure the size of the side pieces. I cut them wider on the bottom with a rounded top. I cut this from the second shirt.

3. Pin on the sides, and sew them to the front/back piece.

Step 3

4. Measure the size of the rectangle for the bottom of the bag, and cut it from the left overs of the first t-shirt.

5. Pin and sew in the bottom.

Step 5