Jean Purse Sewing Pattern

Jean Purse Sewing Pattern

Materials List
A pair of jeans that you want to make into a purse. Use a pair of children’s jeans for a small purse, guy jeans for big, and a girls size around a 6 (28) for a medium.
Ribbon (or something else for the strap).
Thread that matches the jean fabric.
Needle or sewing machine.

How to:

1. Take the jeans and cut them straight across right under the butt area, so that there is one big hole where the pant legs used to be. It will look like a micro mini.

2. Turn the jeans inside out( the micro mini part, not the pant legs, you are threw with them, unless you want to make a strap for the purse out of them, otherwise use them in another project).

3. Sew straight across (preferably with a machine, it is stronger), at the bottom of the butt area, where you just cut the pant legs off from( the stitch might be somewhat curved, not perfectly straight).

4. Still inside out, take the corners that you made sewing across the bottom and fold them so the hems on the outside(in this case the outside is inside out)(inside)are touching. It makes a triangle. Sew across the triangle about an inch or so(3 to 4 cm) from the top point of the triangle, so that the seem finishes the triangle. Do the same thing on the other corner (second triangle)(make sure that you make both triangles the same size).(the black line on the picture show the seem for #3 and the purple/pink line shows where you shold seww for #4; the second picture shows what it should look like on the outside)

5. Take some ribbon (or jean material)( for your strap). Make it the length that you want the bag to hang at add an 4 inches (10 centimeters)( for sewing it to the bag) before cutting .

6. Let the ribbon overlap the inside of your bag on each side an inch and a half(fold a half inch of this under itself. Pin the ribbon down and sew it to the bag.

7. decorate it with ribbon, beads, patches, lace, etc. Look at the picture of my bag for ideas.

8. If you want you can add a zipper to the top, or some string/ ribbon sewed to both sides of the middle of the top inside of the purse, to close the purse, but it is perfectly fine without it.