Plastic Canvas Christmas Gazebo Pattern

Plastic Canvas Christmas Gazebo Pattern

Materials List

  • Yarn, White, 1 skein
  • Bead, large, crystal, for tree topper
  • Bead, wooden, white, 1/2-inch
  • Beads, small, red, 60
  • Beads, small, white, 60
  • Cord for trim, glittery white
  • Embroidery floss, green
  • Fiber stuffing, small amount
  • Needle, tapestry
  • Plastic canvas, 7-mesh, 3 sheets

Pattern Pieces

Cut out all of the plastic parts for the gazebo and tree: Roof parts, 6; side window parts, 6; base parts, 6; base, 1. Cut two of the tree pieces, as well.

For gazebo roof: Needlepoint in white all of the roof parts.

Whipstitch the roof parts together.

Whipstitch the eave edge of the roof.

For gazebo sides: Needlepoint all of the side window parts.

Whipstitch the inside edges of each window.

Whipstitch the long vertical edges of the window parts together.

Whipstitch the bottom and top edges of the completed window parts.

Glue the roof to the top of the window section, using glue gun and glue sticks.

For gazebo base: Needlepoint the base sides and whipstitch together.

Needlepoint the top of the base and then whipstitch the base side sections to the top of the base.

For the Christmas tree: Needlepoint the two tree sections, using 8 strands of green embroidery floss and a tapestry. Whipstitch the two parts together along the upper edges, leaving the bottom of the tree open.

Whipstitch the open bottom edges of the tree.

Using a single strand of green embroidery thread, sew red and white beads all over tree as decorations.

Sew the single large crystal to the top of the tree as a tree topper. Put a small amount of polyester stuffing into the open bottom of the tree to make the tree look three-dimensional.

Glue the tree to the center of the base.

Glue the upper part of the gazebo and windows to the top side of the base section.

Glue white felt on the bottom of the gazebo.

Glue glittery cord to the eave edge of the roof.

Glue a white wooden bead to the peak of the gazebo. Glue glittery cord around the bottom of the bead.

If you would like to hang the gazebo as an ornament, glue a loop of cord into the bead for a hanger.

Tip: Can be made in favorite yarn colors, or white with a green tree, as shown here.
Use short lengths of yarn in order to keep yarn from fuzzing after it's been pulled through the canvas a number of times.