Knitted Dolls Pattern

Knitted Dolls Pattern

Knitting these little dolls are really simple. And, you can be quite creative in use of colors and clothes. They are great stocking stuffers and also make wonderful Christmas ornaments by simply using invisible nylon thread to make a hanger.

Small amounts of sport weight yarns or Jaimie
small amount of embroidery thread for facial features and buttons
one pair of size 3 needles
size E crochet hook
about 4" of 1/2" lace for baby headdress (or crochet this)
small amount of decorative cord or ribbon for neck tie (or crochet this)
tapestry needle

Size: Approximately 5" tall.


Work St St throughout.

Cast on 16 sts. Increase across. 32 sts.

Beg. with Purl row, work 14 rows for body/legs. Place marker at end of row if making Boy Doll.

Work 12 rows for upper body.

Neck: (Knit 2 tog) across. 16 sts. Purl across.

Head: Attach pink, (K1, Inc.) to last 2 sts., knit. 23 sts.

Rows 1-12: Work in St. st.

Row 13: Dec 5 sts evenly across. 18 sts.

Row 14: Purl

Row 15: (Knit 2 tog) across. 9 sts. Fasten off leaving length for weaving and pulling opening closed. Sew back seam of head.

Stuff head and put on facial features.

Finish closing body, stuff, close bottom of doll.

Use color of choice for legs, different color for body/shirt, and pink for head.

Follow basic doll for stuffing and putting on facial features.

Take a length of yarn (body color) and wind around base of head, pull tightly to make neck, tie securely in back and weave in threads.

Stitch through back seam to front of legs, beginning at the bottom legs up to marker.

Arms and Hands (worked in one piece in the same color of the body):
Chain 12 and work St. ST for 14 rows.

Attach pink and work 8 rows in ST St.

Attach body color and work St. St for 14 rows. Fasten off. DO NOT STUFF.

Sew back seams of arms and hands closed. Wrap length of pink yarn around middle of hands, tie in back of hands and weave ends.

Sew arms on side of body at the neck. Tack hands to body.

Buttons: Using embroidery floss, 2 back stitches over 2nd st below neck and again on 4th st down from neck.

Work Basic Body in one color of choice (pink, blue, etc.), attach pink and work basic head.

Sew back seam of head, stuff, apply face (eyes, nose, mouth).

Finish sewing back seam. Stuff. Sew bottom seam closed.

Wrap length of yarn around neck, pull tightly to close, tie in back of body and weave in ends.

1) Use 1/2" lace, cut length to fit from one side of neck, across the top of head, and down to other side. Sew in place.

2) Using E Hook, white yarn, ch. 22. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. 20 sc. Ch 3, (Skip 1 sc, sc in next sc) across. Fasten Off. Sew to head same as lace trim.

Buttons: Using embroidery floss make 2 backstitches in 2nd row below neck and skipping 2 rows repeat twice.

Neck tie: Use piece of decorative ribbon or chord or use white yarn, E hook, Ch 30 fasten off. Tie around neck with bow in front.

Work basic doll patterns using white for legs/body, pink for head. Works arms in color of dress with pink hands.

Cast on 36 (color of choice)and Garter Stitch for 2 rows. 12 rows of St. St.

For waist, (K1, K2 tog) across. 24 sts.

Sew back seam and sew skirt on doll.

Hair and bow:
Using yellow for hair, begin at lower edge and cast on 20sts.

Garter st for 2 rows.

Beginning with Knit row, St. St for 10 rows knitting the 1st and last stitch of every Purl row.

Last row, K2 (K2tog) until last 2 sts, K2. 12 sts. Cast off.

Fold cast off edge in half and close for center parting of hair.

Place on doll's head (garter stitch border frames face). Sew to head.

Color of choice, cast on 22 sts.

K 1 row, then cast off. Sew ends together.

Fold in half having seam as center of bow, tied piece of yarn around, pull tight, tie off, weave ends.

Sew to top of head. You can also make a bow of ribbon or decorative cord.