Rolled Brim Baby Knitted Hat Pattern

Rolled Brim Baby Knitted Hat Pattern

Size: Should fit a baby from 0-6 months

Materials: 1 skein worsted wt. yarn, plus small amount of contrasting color for the hearts. If you do use a thicker yarn, you might need to make your "stem" longer, as it can be difficult to tie the knot if the yarn isn't as stretchy.
size 7 dp needles (worked most of the hat on a #7 16" circular needle, then switched to the dps when I got to the decrease section).

Cast on 72 sts in main color. Working in the round, and knitting every round, knit 20 rounds. Your brim should be rolling up as you work.

Work heart design in contrasting color: (Any colorwork pattern that's a multiple of 2, 4, or 8 stitches will work)

Red = Main Color
White = Contrasting Color

Continue in MC until hat measures about 4 1/2" from the bottom of the rolled brim (in other words, DON'T unroll the brim to measure!), then begin decreasing:

1st dec row: k6, k2tog, repeat around

2nd dec row: k5, k2tog, repeat around

3rd dec row: k4, k2tog, repeat around

4th dec row: k3, k2tog, repeat around

5th dec row: k2, k2tog, repeat around

6th dec row: k1, k2tog, repeat around

7th dec row: k2 tog, repeat around

You should have 9 sts on 3 needles. Work around on these sts for 3 1/2".

Bind off. Tie the long "stem" into a knot. Weave in loose ends.