Lace Panel knit Afghan Pattern

Lace Panel Afghan

Designed by Carrie Clement
For Designs For America from Solutia

Size: Approx 53" x 85".

Worsted-weight yarn Wintuk (100% Acrilan Acrylic; 213 yds per 3-1/2 oz skein) by Caron: 6 skeins #3030 Royal Blue (Col A); 4 skeins each #3048 Deep Crimson (Col B), #3081 Violet (Col C), #3062 Fisherman (Col D), and #3046 Spring Meadow (Col E). Crochet hook size I-9/5.5 mm

Machine & Accessories: Incredible Sweater Machine; keyplate 2.

Gauge: 18 sts and 26 rows = 4" in Lace pattern. To save time, take time to check your gauge. 

Special Technique
Seam-As-You-Go: This technique joins one section of knitting to another section while being knitted, thus avoiding the need for handsewing afterwards. Any number of pieces can be joined together in this way. After knitting the Lace Panels, cast on for the Color Panel ending with the COR. With WS facing, hang the loop of the first st from the first row of the LHS panel on the last working needle on the LHS. This needle now has 2 sts that will be knit together. Knit 1 row, ending with COL. Next, hook the first st of the second row of the RHS panel onto the last working needle on the RHS. Cont in this way, hanging every other first stitch onto the end needle every other row. This gives a completely seamless join between strips. For the rem Color Panels, join the Lace Panel that you just seamed on one side and on the other side join a new lace panel.

Color Pattern
[K 34 rows Col B, 34 rows Col C, 34 rows Col D, then 34 rows Col E] four times--544 rows total.

Lace Panels (make 5)
COR. With WY, CO 13 sts. K 5 rows; break off. With Col A, k 3 rows. Beg following Lace Chart A, working Rows 1-40 thirteen times, then work Rows 1-20 again--540 Lace Pat rows. K 1 row--544 rows total. Break off. With WY, k 6 rows.

Color Panels (make 4)
Following the Color Pattern sequence, knit 1 panel each beg with Col B, Col E, Col D, and Col C. Make the panels as follows: COR. With WY, CO 46 sts. K 6 rows; break off. Using Seam-As-You-Go technique and working in Color Pattern sequence, k 544 rows attaching Lace Panels to both LHS and RHS; break off. With WY, k 6 rows, break off.

Lace Borders (make 2)
COR. Using the closed-edge cast on method and Col A, CO 13 sts. K 3 rows. Beg following Lace Chart B, working Rows 1-41 eight times, then work Rows 1-18 again--346 Lace Pat rows. K 3 rows--352 rows total. BO in backstitch.

Sew Lace Borders to top and bottom edges.

Edging With Col A, work 1 rnd dc evenly around afghan, sl st into first st of rnd, ch 1. Working from left to right, work 1 rnd of dc.

Standard Abbreviations
beg  . . .  begin(ning)
BO  . . .  bind off)
CC  . . .  contrasting color
ch  . . .  chain
CO  . . .  cast on
COL  . . .  carriage on left
COR  . . .  carriage on right
cont  . . .  continue
dc  . . .  double crochet
k  . . .  knit
LHS  . . .  left hand side
MY  . . .  main yarn
ndl(s)  . . .  needle(s)
pat  . . .  pattern
rem  . . .  remain(ing)
rep  . . .  repeat(ing)
RHS  . . .  right hand side
rnd  . . .  round
sl  . . .  slip
st(s)  . . .  stitch(es)
WS  . . .  wrong side
WY  . . .  waste yarn

How to Read Charts
Each square represents one stitch. The rows are read from bottom to top. Right-side rows are read horizontally from right to left, and wrong-side rows are read horizontally from left to right. The numbers on the sides of the chart represent the row, and from which side to start reading.