Jack O Lantern Wreath

Halloween Craft

Jack O Lantern Wreath
Designed By: Annabelle Keller, SCD, CPD

Typical Project Completion Time: 2-4 hours (does not include drying time)


Balls, ten 3"
Wreath ring, 12" x 1-1/4" x 3/4"

General Tools and Supplies:
Railroad board, 22" x 28", 8-ply
Cotton fabric, 44/45" wide: rust, 1/4 yd.; orange, dark rust, gold, tan, dark brown, green 1/8 yd. each
Doll's straw hat
Floral wire, cloth-covered, 48"
Raffia, 10 – 12 strands, 72" long
Pompom, yellow, 3/4"
Acrylic craft paint, brown
Rotary cutter (optional)
Serrated knife
Old candle
White chalk pencil
Wire cutters
Straight pins
Waxed paper
Thick, white craft glue or low temperature glue gun and glue sticks

1. Trace around wreath ring twice on railroad board; cut out. Glue cardboard rings to front and back of foam wreath.

2. Wrap 16" length of floral wire around wreath, forming hanger.

3. Wax knife blade with old candle. Slice 1/4" from top and bottom of each ball.

4. Cutting selvage to selvage, cut four, 1-1/2" wide strips from rust fabric. Wrap strips around wreath, overlapping edges to completely cover wreath; glue ends of fabric strips to secure.

5. Each pumpkin is covered by wrapping with two, 3/4" wide fabric strips. Cut fabrics selvage to selvage and cover pumpkins as follows:
rust fabric, four strips, two pumpkins
orange fabric, eight strips, four pumpkins
dark rust, four strips, two pumpkins
gold fabric, four strips, two pumpkins

6. Using patterns, cut faces of your choice from dark brown fabric, and cut three large leaves, five small leaves, a hat brim and clown hat from dark green fabric.

7. Cut eight 1/2" x 22" fabric strips from tan fabric. Tightly roll each strip, forming a stem; glue end.

8. Arrange and pin faces on balls; when satisfied with placement, glue features in place.

9. Glue hat brim on clown pumpkin. Overlap edges of clown hat to form cone. Glue cone onto hat brim. Glue pompom to top of hat. Tie bow in 9" length of raffia; glue to front of hat brim.

10. Glue a few strands of raffia along scarecrow pumpkin's hairline. Trim back of doll's hat so it will fit flush against wreath; glue hat to scarecrow pumpkin.

11. Cut eight 4" lengths floral wire; paint brown (hint: try using fingertips instead of a paintbrush). When dry, wrap wire around pencil, forming tendrils.

12. Tie bow in raffia; trim tails.

13. Arrange balls on wreath ring; glue in place. Glue tendrils, stems and leaves to pumpkins without hats.