Jack O Lantern Pin/Fridgie

Halloween Craft

Jack O Lantern Pin/Fridgie

Small amounts of each-Orange worsted
Black sport and Green worsted yarns
"G" hook
Safety pin or magnet strip

Note:inc=2 sc in next sc.
2 1/4"w

Rnd 1:With orange,leaving a 8" tail,ch 2.6 sc in second ch from hook(6sc).
Rnd 2:Work 2 sc in each sc around(12sc).
Rnd 3:Sc in next sc,inc.(18sc).
Rnd 4:Sc in each of next 2 sc,inc around(24sc).Join with sl st to next sc. Fasten off.

Stem:Thread 6" piece of green yarn through joining sl st on last round of punkin.Tie into a knot 7 times.Cut ends at 1/2".Fray out ends.

Face:With black yarn,stitch face, using picture as a guide.

Using beginning 8" tail,sew safety pin to back.Or glue on magnet strip.

Note:For generic "Autumn" pin,leave off facial features.