Crackle Pumpkins Halloween Craft

Crackle Pumpkins Halloween Craft

STYROFOAM* Brand Products: Ball, 5" or 6"
Wood dowel, 1/2" x 2"
Acrylic craft paint: green, orange
Crackle medium
Acrylic varnish, matte finish
Paintbrushes: 1" flat; sponge, two
Floral wire, 30-gauge, green, cloth-covered, 4"
Permanent fine-line marker, black
Serrated knife
Old candle
Rubber band, large, flat
Soft brush
Wire cutters
Thick, white craft glue

Step 1:Cut one end of dowel at an angle for a stem; set aside.

Step 2:Using marking pen, make a dot at the center top and bottom of foam ball. Mark six evenly space dots around the center, 2-1/2" apart for the 5-inch ball, or 3" apart for the 6-inch ball. To divide the pumpkin into sections, stretch rubber band around ball, lining it up with the top and bottom dots and one of the center dots. Following the edge of the rubber band, draw a line on the foam ball. Repeat, moving the rubber band to align with each center dot, until all six sections are marked.

Step 3:Using a craft knife, cut a shallow V-shape long the length of each section line. Smooth and shape indentations with your fingertips.

Step 4:Using serrated knife, cut a thick slice from the top and bottom of pumpkin to flatten. Cut at a slight angle for a more natural look. (HINT: Wax the knife blade with an old candle for easier, smother cutting.)

Step 5:Using pencil, poke a 1/2-inch hole for stem in center top of pumpkin.

Step 6:Brush pumpkin with soft brush to remove loose particles. Rub surface smooth with the bottom of the spoon.

Step 7:Insert wooden skewer into stem hole for a handle. Brush on one or two thick coats of gesso with a sponge brush; let dry. Sand lightly between coats; wipe with soft brush.

Step 8:Using sponge brush, basecoat the pumpkin and stem with a heavy coat of green. Let dry and repeat, if needed.

Step 9:Referring to manufacturer's instructions, use the flat brush to apply an even coat of crackle medium to pumpkin. Let dry 15 to 45 minutes, or until tacky.

Step 10:Using the flat brush, paint a light, even coat of orange over the crackle, using broad sweeping strokes in several directions. For wider cracks, brush on a heavier coat. Let dry.

Step 11:Apply a coat of matte varnish.

Step 12:Glue stem in hole at an angle. Spiral wrap wire around a pencil, forming tendril. Insert and glue in pumpkin next to stem