Halloween Cat Patrol Craft

Halloween Cat Patrol Craft

Paint acorn squash to create a fun and festive craft.
Guard your windowsill with a Cat Patrol of acorn squash. All you need is some black paint, cardboard scraps, felt markers, and glitter glue. Children will love to make their own. You could also arrange them on a mantel or scatter them around the house in unexpected places -- peering out of a cupboard, looking down from atop a bureau, behind a door, or even on a coat closet shelf.

You Will Need
Acorn squash in assorted sizes
Black acrylic paint
Medium-sized paintbrush
Scraps of cardboard for ears, eyes, mouths, and whiskers
Glitter glue for whiskers and mouths
Colored markers: yellow, green, blue, and black
Tacky glue or a glue gun to attach ears, whiskers, etc.
Optional: Scraps of foil to line inside of ears (we used purple)

What to Do
1. Paint each squash black and allow to dry thoroughly. It may take two or three coats.

2. Turn the squash so the stem end becomes the nose.

3. From cardboard, draw and cut the following shapes for each: two elongated triangles for ears; two elliptical ovals for eyes; two small ovals for the center of each eye; optional small circles or strips to fit with eye centers as shown in photo; four whiskers, approximately 3 inches x 1/8 inch; an anchor-like shape for the mouth.

4. With markers, color ears black and other features blue, green, yellow or black as desired.

5. Add glitter glue to the whiskers and mouths.

6. Optional: Cut two smaller triangles for each ear (to fit inside the first pair) from purple foil and glue in place.

7. Secure all features to the painted squash with tacky glue or a glue gun.