Summer Fun Barbie Pattern Pattern

Summer Fun Barbie Pattern Pattern

Materials List
Shorts Pattern

Jacket Pattern

Purse Pattern

Top Pattern

Bright Colored Summer Print or Solid Fabric - 1/4 yd.
Pastel Sheer Fabric - 1/4 yd.
5/16" Cluny Pastel Rainbow Band - 1/2 yd.
1/16" Pink Satin Ribbon - 18"
5/16" Medium Rainbow Rick Rack - 1 Package
7/8" Daisy Trim - 1/2 yd.
1" Sheer Pink Metallic Ribbon - 18"
Mini Elastic - 4"
Butterfly Applique - 1
Snap Closures - 2

All seams are 1/4" unless otherwise specified.


For Top
1. Cut pattern from summer print fabric.

2. Sew darts as marked.

3. Hem top and bottom; hem back closures.

4. Cut 2 pieces of 1/16" satin ribbon, approximately 2 1/2" long for straps.

5. Sew straps to top of bodice using stitch marks as your guide.

6. Sew trim to bottom of bodice. (See photo)

7. Sew snaps to top and bottom of back closures.

For Shorts
1. Cut pattern from summer print fabric.

2. Sew fronts together from crotch to dot.

3. Sew hem open from dot to waist.

4. Sew crotch and seam of backs, right sides together.

5. Sew back seam to front side seams on one side, right sides together.

6. Hem leg openings.

7. Sew other side seam.

8. Turn down seam at waist (for casing); hem.

9. Thread 1/16" satin ribbon through waist seam for draw strings.

10. Sew trim to bottom hem of shorts. (See photo)

For Jacket
1. Sew two front pieces to back piece at shoulder seam, down arm length.

2. Hem sleeves.

3. Sew side seams from bottom of jacket to end of sleeve.

4. Hem jacket opening starting at one bottom hem, continuing around neck and finishing at other bottom hem.

5. Hem bottom of jacket.

6. Sew rick rack around sleeves and hem. (See photo)

7. Sew daisys to jacket. (See photo)

For Scrunchie:

1. Fold 1" sheer pink metallic ribbon in half the longway and sew long edges forming a tube.

2. Feed elastic through tube.

3. Tie ends of elastic together forming a 1 1/2" circle.

4. Gather ribbon evenly around elastic forming a scrunchie.

For Bag
1. Cut pattern from fabric.

2. Turn down and hem top of both pieces.

3. Sew both pieces together at side and bottom; Turn right side out.

4. Glue rick rack around top of bag. (See photo)

5. Sew on 1/16" satin ribbon handles.

6. Apply butterfly applique to front of bag. (Follow instructions on back of package for iron-on information.)