Santa and Angel Doll Patterns

Santa and Angel Doll Patterns


cotton fabric (red, skin color, black, white)
wool felt (black, white)
polyester filling
thread (same color as the fabrics)
1 glue stick
color pencils (brown, pink)


No need to add seam allowances. already included.
Cut off the dark part.


1.Fold the body part and sew the other side( keep as seam allowance 5mm. ). Stitch around the bottom and pull up tightly.

2.Turn right side out, put some pellets in it as sinker (not all, only to the bottom), and put polyester fillings upper body.

3. Stitch around the opening part and pull up, putting the seam allowance inside

4.Stitch around the head part and pull the thread, putting some filling in to make a ball.

5.Make a nose same as the head. But put the seam allowance inside.

6.Put and stitch the nose on the face.

7.Sew the white felt(shorter one) around the head.

8.Sew a cap and turn right side out. Put the cap on the head and stitch around, putting a little filling in it. Then turn down the felt to cover the stitch.

9.Put hands parts together and sew around U, and turn right side out. Put some filling, stitch the opening and pull.

10.Sew the side of arm. Stitch around one side of the opening, and put the hand inside, then pull the thread and sew together tightly.

11.Turn right side out and out a little filling. Stitch another side and pull, putting the seam allowance inside.

12.Fold the boots and sew the curve. Snip at the corner, and turn right side out.

13.Stitch around the bottom and put the cardboard in. Pull the thread and stick around the sole with glue.

14.Put some pellets, then put fillings. Stitch around the opening and pull.

15.Stick the felt for sole with glue.

16.Sew legs and make together with the boots as same way as arms. And put fillings a little bit. (But keep upper side open.)

17.Put the head on the body and sew tightly with ladder stitch.

18.Sew arms on the shoulder.

19.The opening of the leg, fold the edge inside and put under the hip, and sew tightly.

20.Stick the white border on the body with glue.

21.Cut out two small circle from the black felt as buttons, and stick with glue.

22.Make beard with polyester filling, and stick with glue.

23.Make the cap down and sew a little. Make small ball with filling and stick on the top of the cap.

24.Draw eyes, make cheeks pink with color pencil. As eyebrow, cut white felt and make it rough, then put with glue.

25.Sew the bag and put pellets and fillings in it. Let Santa have the bag with his hand. And sew hand, body, bag together.


good quality felt (skin color, white, yellow brown)
thread (skin color, white, yellow brown, pink, brown)
polyester filling
some small button (heart, star etc.)
a piece of golden string.

These are all parts.

Print out the PATTERN.


Sew with the hem-stitch or open-button hole-stitch

1. Fold and sew the arm,leaving the opening. Sew the leg in the same way.

2. Stuff the filling with a stick, and close the opening.

3. Bend the center of the arms, and sew like F.1 making the neck.

4. Bend the center of the legs and sew, too. Then fit the arms and the legs,and sew tightly.(see the picture well)

5. Sew both sides of the panties, and put and sew it on the body.

6. Fold and sew both sides of the dress. Put it on the body.

7. With the face and the head together, and sew around.

8. Snip a hole at the head(see the picture well)the size as the neck can be in. Be careful not to cut the face.

9. Stuff the head, and push the neck into the hole. Sew around the neck tightly.

10.Embroider a mouth and eyes.

11.Fold the hair part putting the edges together. Stitch them together and pull.

12.Make it like a flower, put it on the head.(make the seam allowance inside.)

13.Sew the loop of hair one by one a shown on the picture.

14.Sew the both hands together on the body. Put a heart button if you have.

15.Sew wings on its back.

Finish up with putting rouge on the cheeks.