Knitted Poodle Skirt Doll Pattern

Knitted Poodle Skirt Doll Pattern

Materials List
#3 DPN's
tiny felt piece
Embroidery floss
Elastic thread for waist
Tapestry needle
Gold or silver fabric paint for collar of dog

This is knitted in the round

Beginning at hem, CO 90 sts

K 1 round and join

continue knitting around till piece measures 4-1/2" from cast on edge

K 2 tog around

K 1 Round

K 2 tog around

K next 3 rounds

Bind off loosely

Run double thickness of elastic thread through waist

Cut out poodle from pattern out of felt, sew poodle to bottom of skirt decorate poodle with fabric paint tiny rhinestones or any other means desired. Cut piece of embroidery floss that extends from poodles collar to waist of poodle skirt and sew it in place as shown in picture.