Anne Nicole's Holiday Gown Pattern

Anne Nicole's Holiday Gown Pattern

Materials List
Anne Nicole Doll
Sheer Sparkle Ruffle 4 Yards
Feather Edge Trim 1/2 Yard
3/4" White Fur 1/4 Yard
White Fabric 1/2 Yard
Miscellaneous Items:
Tape measure
Scissors, Snaps,Pins,Glue
Pattern (right-click and save this. If you print it in MS Paint, it will print full sized on multiple sheets that you can tape together if you uncheck the "fit to page" setting)


1. Cut pattern from fabric. (See Bottom)

2. Stitch bodice front to bodice lining at top seam; right sides together (using a 1/4" seam allowance). Clip seam allowance for ease in curve. Turn right sides out; press.

3. Stitch all darts through dress and lining together; press.

4. Roll a 1/4" hem at bottom of skirt; press.

5. Pin one piece of sparkle ruffle 1 inch from hem; stitch.

6. For remaining rows, measure one inch from top of previous ruffle header. Pin ruffle in place; stitch. You will have 7 rows of ruffle on the skirt fabric with 3/4" of skirt fabric remaining at waist.

7. Stitch ends of ruffle at edges of skirt; trim to 1/4".

8. Make a row of gathering stitches at top edge of skirt.

9. Stitch back skirt seam from bottom hem to within 1 3/4" from top of waistline.

10. Pull gathering stitches to fit bodice. Pin skirt to bodice at waistline seam; right side together; stitch.

11. Sew final row of ruffle to waistline of skirt. Overlap ruffle ends to insides of dress. Turn in remaining raw edge of skirt and bodice. Stitch. (You may need to add gathers at waistline to prevent puckering of ruffle).

12. Fit bodice to doll and sew snaps on back seam to form closures.

13. Sew or glue ruffle to top of bodice, around arms and to back of bodice. (See photo).

14. Glue feather edge trim at top of bodice ruffle and waistline.

15. For hat; cut 4 1/2" from fur. Stitch ends, right sides together. Turn right sides out and place around doll head.

16. For muff, cut remaining piece of fur in half. Sew long edges, right sides together. Stitch short ends, right sides together. turn right side out and place over hands.