Dish Towel Pattern

One Dishtowel
One Dishcloth
One Potholder

Other supplies needed are matching ribbon and printed poem

I am your Kitchen Angel
I'll watch over all you do,
Baking all those goodies,
And snitching one or two!

And if you ever tire of me,
Or some help is what your wish is,
Just untie my little ribbons,
And I'll help you with the dishes!

Fan fold the dishtowel lengthwise. Fold in half carefully and tie off about 3 inches from the fold with ribbon. This will form the head.

Fan fold the dishcloth. This will be the arms.

Fan fold the potholder with the loop along the top edge. This will form the wings. Place the potholder on top of the dishcloth and tie off in the center with another piece of ribbon.

Lay the dishtowel on top of the dishcloth and potholder. The potholder should be under the dishcloth. Wrap the ends of the dishcloth around to the front of the towel. Tie each end off with ribbon about an inch from the ends to form the hands. Once in place tie the ribbons (hands) together and attach the printed poem.

I like to print out the poem onto the back of a piece of coordinating wallpaper and place a hole punch in the top left corner for attaching. The wallpaper holds up better than plain paper.