Crocheted Striped Shift Doll Pattern

Crocheted Striped Shift Doll Pattern

Materials List
Sport yarn, 1/4 oz. each of red (R), white (W) and blue (B)
Steel crochet hook No. 2
2 small buttons.

SIZE: Fits 11 1/2" fashion doll.

GAUGE: 6 sc = 1"; 6 rows = 1".

Note: Shift is worked vertically in sc. Cut and join colors as needed. To join colors, work last sc until there are 2 loops on hook, drop yarn; pick up new color and finish sc with new color. Beg at side edge with R, ch 40 to measure 6 3/4".

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across - 39 sc.

Ch 1, turn each row.

Work 2 rows W, 2 rows B, 2 rows W, 2 rows R, 2 rows W, 2 rows B, 2 rows W, 1 row R. End off.

FRONT: Work same as back.

FINISHING: Run in yarn ends on wrong side. Edge with yarn joinings is top edge. Steam-press pieces lightly. With R, weave side seams from lower edge, leaving 8 sts free at upper edge for armholes. Turn 1/4" at upper edge to wrong side; hem in place with invisible sts. Sew a button to first W stripe in from each armhole edge on back, 1/4" down from top. Spaces between sts are used for buttonholes.

BELT: With double strand of R, ch 35. End off. Draw four 1" strands of R through ends of belt. Knot to form tassels.