Crochet Socks Pattern

Crochet Socks Pattern

Materials List
Yarns - anything that will feel good on your toes!

Hook size - whatever size that will make a firm fabric in single crochet (or whatever stitch you choose)

Toe up crocheted socks are so simple to do. Really. And adding an after-thought heel means that worn-out heels can be removed and replaced at any time!

To begin, make a chain about 1 to 2 inches long, depending on the size of the foot the sock is intended for. Then begin your pattern stitch - I use single crochet as I feel it makes a firmer sock, but you can use any pattern here. Crochet along the chain to the beginning of the chain and then crochet back up the other side of the chain.

The toe - begin crocheting in rounds, adding two stitches to the stitch at either side. In other words, make a double increase in each of the side stitches. Continue in this manner until the toe is the right width for the foot.

The body - continue crocheting in rounds until the sock reaches to the bend of the ankle. In the photo above, I played around with stripes and a little color work, but you can do anything you like.

The ankle - when you have reached the ankle point, go around once, then go around the top of the sock only. At the side of the sock, make a chain that is half the total stitches long. In other words, if your sock body has 44 stitches in it, make a chain 22 stitches long, and then reattach that chain at the other side of the sock. You now have a hole where the heel will go. Continue on up the ankle in the pattern/colors of your choice.

The heel - is simply another toe. Go back to the heel area and using single crochet, work once around the entire opening, then continue in rounds making a double decrease at each side until you have a gap approximately 1-2 inches wide, again depending on the foot size. Turn the sock inside out and slip stitch the heel together.

Notes - I have a high instep. And crochet seems to shrink in diameter more than length - at least in my experience. For my next pair of socks, I think I will increase a little when I get to the instep area. Also, if you have a deep or narrow heel, you can adjust where you make the decreases or the number of stitches in the chain.