Pleated Ribbon Snowflake Ornament

Pleated Ribbon Snowflake Ornament

3 yds. Wrights Sheer Swirl Ribbon (#229-7715-046)
24 Gold Faceted Beads
Needle and Thread


illustration 1

Accordion pleat ribbon every 4" (see illustration 1).

Begin to sew each pleat together with needle and thread. Leave a 3" length of thread at the beginning to tie off the completed snowflake.

Insert a bead between each ribbon point as you go (see illustration 1).

Be sure to sew along the very edge of the ribbon points to insure that the ribbon will fan out properly.

Gather ribbon and beads together as tightly as possible and tie of thread ends. Cut excess thread (see illustration 2).

illustration 2

Turn snowflake over and sew a second row of beads.