Peter Penguin Crochet Ornament

Peter Penguin Ornament

Apple Barrel Colors - Bright Red, 2 oz.
Apple Barrel Colors - White, 2 oz.
Apple Barrel Colors - Black, 2 oz.
Apple Barrel Colors - Kelly Green, 2 oz.
Apple Barrel Colors - King's Gold, 2 oz.
Essentials Brushes - Gold Nylon - Liner, 10/0
Essentials Brushes - Gold Nylon - Shader, #2
Plaid Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic Sealers - Matte, 6 oz.
3/4" x 6" strip of plaid fabric
1/8" red satin ribbon
1 1/4" wooden ball knob
Small wooden candle cup

Basecoat candle cup and ball knob Black. Let dry. Paint a White heart on the front of ball knob. Paint a small triangle of King's Gold in center of heart.

Using a very dry brush, apply Bright Red to cheeks. With liner brush and Black outline beak and make two tiny dots at top of triangle. Dip end of brush handle into Black and paint eyes. With liner brush, make two tiny White dots on eyes for highlights.

Paint hat band Bright Red. Paint three small leaves with Kelly Green and three tiny berries with Bright Red. Make a ribbon loop and slide loop end through hole in candle cup for hanger.

Spray with sealer. When dry, glue hat to head and scarf under head.