Joyful Penguins

Joyful Penguins

Download pattern (PDF)

Eggs, 5", three
Felt: 9" x 12" sheets, two each: yellow, red glitter; 45" plush, 1/4 yd. each: white, black
Fleece fabric, three colors of choice, 1" x 20" strip each
Black beads, 8mm, six
Small heart-shaped button
Cardstock, 8-1/2" x 11", one sheet
Powdered cosmetic blush
Fine-line red permanent marker
Extra-long straight pins
Craft knife
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Thick, white craft glue

1. Cut patterns from felt as indicated. Note: For penguin back, cut larger circle from black plush felt; for front, cut smaller circle (indicated by dashed lines) from white plush. With wrong sides facing, glue feet together in pairs. Repeat for wings, gluing white wings to black wings.

2. For each foam egg, glue plush front to foam front. With narrow end of egg at top, center back of egg on black plush circle. Bring black edges around to front, overlapping white; pin to secure, adjusting fullness as needed. Glue felt to foam; let dry. Remove pins. Glue feet to bottom of bodies.

3. Cut fringe into both short ends of each fleece strip for scarves. Tie scarves around penguins as shown. With white side toward body and straight edge even with "shoulders," glue wings to bodies just below scarf. Use "x" on wing pattern as attachment guide. Glue one pair of wings pointing straight up. Glue heart button to one scarf.

4. Use scissors to poke eyeholes. Glue beads into holes. Glue upper and lower beak pieces together in pairs. With upper beak curving open, glue beaks to faces. Use red marker to draw "puffed up" cheek lines next to beak (visible on center penguin in photo); use fingertip to blush cheeks.

5. Glue felt letters together with cardstock layer in center. Glue letters to wings as shown. Glue penguins together.