Crochet Wreath

Crochet Wreath

For small decorations
Boye2,yarn or thread

1: ch60, 1dc in 3rd ch from hook, 1dc in same place, 3dc in each of nxt ch,fast off

2: attach red; 1sc in backloops of each off

Wrap it around a pipecleaner and secure both ends, tie a pretty bow

Small x-mas-bell in red, mark with piece of thread, don't join


1. ch2, 6sc in sec ch from hook

2. 2sc in each sc=12sc

3-5. 1sc in each sc=12sc

6. *1sc in nxt 2sc, 2sc in nxt sc * repeat* =16sc

7. 1sc in each sc, join

8. ch1* 1sc in sc, ch3, 1dc in sc just made, skip 1sc, *repeat*, join. Fast off.

Tie around wreath.