Retro Postcard Gift Tags

Retro Postcard Gift Tags

Vintage Holiday postcards are great finds at antique stores and can make unique, inexpensive ornaments and gift tags.

Materials Needed:
Vintage Postcards
Card Stock
Contrasting Decorative Paper
Computer with Scanner
Paper Cutter, Craft Knife or Scissors to cut papers and stock
Sticker Paper
Craft Glue
Paper Punch
Sequins, Buttons or other Embellishments (Optional)

Scan in the original postcards, size and print onto Sticker paper. For this project 70% of original size was used for the ornaments and 50% original size was used for gift tags.

(Figure A)

Cut stickers. Cut contrasting paper approximately 1/4" larger than sticker.

Cut card stock approximately 1/4" larger than contrasting paper.

Apply the craft glue to the card stock where the paper and ribbon will be placed.

Position the ribbon in a loop onto the card stock.

(Figure B)

Apply the contrasting paper, centered on the card stock and sandwiching the ribbon.

(Figure C)

Apply the postcard reproduction sticker centered on the decorative paper.

(Figure D)

Decorate with sequins, buttons or other embellishments. (Optional)

Make decorative corners with a paper punch to add an extra special touch.

(Figure E)

Decorate an entire tree and have a vintage look for very little expense.

(Figure F)

Use the same technique on a smaller scale for gift tags that are extra special.