Angel Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper

Top off your tree with this beautiful angel. Simply use some gold wire-edge ribbon along with a few other craft items and you'll have your own angel atop your tree!

48 yds. Wrights® 1 1/2" Spun Gold Wire Edge Ribbon (#227-5129)
1 yd. Wrights® 7/8" Spun Gold Wire Edge Ribbon (#227-5125)
1 set Porcelain Doll Head and Hands
1 7" Styrofoam Cone
1 12" Chenille Stem
-- Glue Gun & Glue


Hollow out the bottom of the styrofoam cone about 5" deep to form lower body and to fit over tree top.

Create "arms" by folding chenille stem in half and twisting. Glue hands to both ends of twisted stem. Arrange arms in place at top of styrofoam cone. Place head and bodice over arms; secure all with glue.

Cut 2 yards of 1 1/2" ribbon and wrap around and around the "body" starting at the top just under the arms and end at the bottom of cone. Glue end down at bottom.

Create "sleeves" by wrapping 6" of the 7/8" ribbon around the "arms" starting 1/3" from the top of the hands. Wrap several times around, ending at the "shoulder". Glue in place to secure end. For the flowing skirt, cut 14 strips (3 yards each) of the 1 1/2" ribbon.

Roll up these strips and pin the rolls leaving 1/3 yards free.

Start the skirt by pleating the ribbon to half its width and gluing around the "waist" of the doll. Glue each strip 1/2" over the previous one .

After all 14 strips are glued down, fold and tie a 1/2 yard piece around the waist covering the tops of the pleated skirt. Tie in a long sash bow.

Create a ruffle from the remaining 7/8" ribbon by pulling one wire and gathering the ribbon to a length of 6". Glue a scoop neckline around the top of the shoulders starting and ending at the center back.

Make "wings" by gluing four 12" strips (1 1/2") lengthwise overlapping edges slightly. Fold in half with ends at center. Gather and glue over the ruffled collar to the top of the sash.

Place the golden angel on the top branch of the tree with the rolls of ribbon equally around it. Release the pins from the rolls and allow the ribbon to hang free. Tuck the strips into the branches from the top of the tree to the bottom.