Floral Bookmark Tatting Pattern

Floral Bookmark Tatting Pattern

This is an adaptation of an edging found in Julia Sanders' "Tatting Patterns (Dover Needlework)", page 34, fig. 80. I omitted the central join, and changed the connecting chain.

Requires 1 shuttle and ball thread.

Large Ring: 7 p 3 p 4 p 3 p 7. cl r, rw.

**Chain: 4 p 3 p 3 p 4. rw

Small Ring: 5 j (to last p of Large Ring) 2 p 5. cl r, rw

Large Ring: 7 j (to last p of Small Ring) 3 j (to 3rd p of Large Ring) 4 p 3 p 7. cl r, rw.

Repeat from ** once more.

Chain: 8 rw.

One half flower is made, consisting of 3 large rings, 2 small rings, and 4 chains with picots. Repeat from the beginning, joining the first picot of the first chain to the adjacent picot of the last chain of the flower.

I made 5 flowers, and on the 5th one, I continued around the center of the flower, omitting the small joining chain. I joined the last chain of the flower to the base of the large ring. Do not reverse work, make another small chain to 8 to bridge to the next flower. Join this chain in the base of the next large ring, and continue in the same pattern to finish the bookmark.

I used Cebelia size #30, and the bookmarks measure about 6" long without the tassle.