Mr Moose Felt Sewing Pattern

Mr Moose Felt Sewing Pattern


Moose Pattern

Rainbow Shaggy Plus Felt: 1/2 yard Grizzly Brown
Rainbow Classic Felt: Cashmere Tan, White, Black
1/8 yard Burgandy Plush Felt
Two -- 5mm round black beads with hole
Heavy crochet thread: Ecru, Black
Embroidery Floss- Burgundy
Polyfill/white silica sand or plastic pellets


Please read all directions before beginning project.
RST = right sides together
RSO = right sides out
WST = wrong side together

Step 1: Moose Body - No seam allowance is added. Cut all body pieces from Grizzly Brown Shaggy Felt except antlers. Trace pattern onto double thickness of Grizzly Brown Shaggy Plush Felt. This will be your stitching line. RST stitch body pieces together leaving opening for turning. Clip, trim seams, turn RSO. Fill body to line with white silica sand. (Be careful not to use too much sand, the weight of the sand will begin to stress the seams). Fill body the rest of the way with polyfil. Gather neck edge by band with heavy crochet. thread. Set aside.

Step 2: Arms - stitch two arm pieces together Turn RSO, Repeat for other arm. Stuff to line, hand gather, opening closed and stitch to body at placement.

Step 3: Head - RST, stitch head pieces together leaving opening for turning. Clip curves, Turn RSO. Stuff firmly, hand gather neck opening closed. Using heavy crochet thread, knot one end, go in through one side of nose at nostril marking and out through other side of nose at nostril marking, pull a little tight to indent and knot off.

Step 4: Eyes - cut two whites of eyes from white Rainbow Felt. Hand tack to edge placement on head. See pattern piece. Using heavy thread stitch a 5mm black bead on top of white of eyes. Go in through one eye bead and out through other side of bead through eye bead pulling slightly to indent. Hand stitch or hot glue head to body at neck placement.

Step 5: Ears - RST, stitch two ear pieces together, leaving opening for turning. Turn RSO. Repeat for other ear. Stitch openings closed and hand tack to head at ear placement.

Step 6: Cut eyebrows from black Rainbow Felt. Hot glue to head at placement.

Step 7: Antlers - seam allowance is added. Cut 4 from Cashmere Tan Rainbow Felt WST top stitch two pieces by hand using heavy thread. Before completely stitching all the way around, stuff with polyfill lightly and finish stitching. See pattern for stitching placement. Hand tack each antler to bead at placement.

Step 8: Scarf - Cut one scarf from Burgundy Plush Felt 2 1/2" x 22", Cut 1/4" wide slits approx 2" long at each end of scarf along the 2 1/2" sides. Tie scarf around Mr. Moose's neck. Cut two star pieces from white Rainbow Felt. Top stitch both pieces together all the way around star using embroidery floss. Tie a small bow and glue to center of star. Hot glue or hand tack star to scarf. Using Heavy crochet thread band stitch X's on feet and hands for hoof placement.

Moose Pattern