Pillow Shams Sewing Pattern

Pillow Shams Sewing Pattern

1. Measure Pillow
To determine the size pillow you own, measure the length of your bed pillow and jot down the dimension: Standard size pillows measure approximately 27" long, queen size measures approximately 31" long and king size, approximately 39" long.

2. Cut Sham
To make one sham,

Cut 1 sham front:
Standard: 30" tall X 36" wide
Queen: 30" tall X 40" wide
King: 30" tall X 48" wide

On print or plaid fabrics, note the pattern repeat and match the printed fabric design to be identical for each pillow sham front.

Cut 2 Sham backs:
Standard: 30" tall X 28" wide
Queen: 30" tall X 30" wide
King: 30" tall X 34" wide
Note: If desired, first measure and draw a tissue paper pattern following these dimensions.

3. Hem Sham Backs
Turn under 8" and press to wrong side of fabric along inside vertical edge of each sham back. Open out crease, tuck the cut edge into the fold and press a 4" double hem. Pin and top stitch hem through all layers along inside fold.

4. Stitch Front to Back
Place sham front right side up, flat on table. With right sides facing, place one sham back into position over front sham with top, bottom and side cut edges even - hemmed edge should be facing center. Pin and stitch front to backs along all outside edges through all layers. Trim seam, clip corners, turn to right side through back opening, press sham flat.

5. Stitch Flange
On right side of sham, measure and mark a 4" border along all outside edges. Pin and top stitch through all layers of the sham along the marked border.

Insert pillow through opening in back.