Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover

Materials Required:
3/4 yd. decorator 60" wide cotton fabric
4 yds. gimp cord
Janome Sewing Machine and Serger


Read all instructions before beginning to sew.

To create a pattern, tip your ironing board over so that it stands upside down on the paper on which you will trace its shape. Note: Newspapers, which have been taped together, work well.

Trace around the outer edge of the board.

Remove the board from the pattern piece and place upright. Measure the depth of its table surface.

On the front (or narrow) end of the pattern mark a line six inches from the tip. This shape, (with seam allowance added) will be cut and sewn to the cover to serve as a pocket to hold the cover on the front of the board.

Add the table depth and an additional two inches to the perimeter of the pattern.

Cut cover and pocket piece from decorative fabric.

Sew pocket to cover, right sides together, on three sides as indicated.

Turn seam to inside.

Set up serger for a four thread overlock stitch.

Starting at center back of cover, lay gimp cord so that it will be encased by a seam and yet not cut by the knife. Serge around the edge of cover, pivoting when you reach the raw edge of the pocket. Sew raw edge, then pivot to continue edge of cover, finishing at center back.

Pull cover onto front end of the board. Pull the gimp cord to act as a drawstring as you tighten the new cover in place.