Circular Tablecloth Sewing Pattern

A circular tablecloth is surprisingly easy to make, giving do-it-yourself decorators the added advantages of showing off your favorite Marcus Brothers fabric design, and possibly even providing hidden storage beneath the table! Follow the basic instructions here, or go further by embellishing with embroidery, cording along the hemline or other creative touches, whether you're decorating for everyday, or a special occasion.

The example below is based on a 30" diameter and 24" drop. (For a longer tablecloth that gives a slightly puddled effect as it touches the floor, add 4" to the total length. In our example, the 78" would now become 82".)

Example: 30" diameter + (2 x 24" drop) = 78" finished circle

Fabric (yardage as determined below)
Tape measure
Sewing machine

(c)Measure across the top of the table's diameter (a). Measure from tabletop to floor, or to desired drop length (b); double figure (b) and add this to figure (a). This total is both the length and width of the finished tablecloth. Add 1" for narrow hem allowances.

Cut fabric to length indicated above (total for this example = 79"). Stitch two 79" lengths of full-width fabric together at the center to create the necessary width as shown (c). NOTE: If the table diameter measures less than the fabric width, you can opt to run a single fabric width down the center of the table, then sew additional widths at both ends of the fabric. This method avoids placing seams across the center of the tabletop (d). [Remember to add 1/2" seam allowances to each fabric edge.] You should now have a large square piece of fabric.

(d)Fold fabric in half lengthwise, then in half widthwise. Lay out on a large, flat surface. Pin layers together if desired, to prevent shifting. Place the end of a measuring tape at the corner fold. Measure half of the finished tablecloth size; this is the amount you will measure from the corner folds to the bottom edge. Slide the bottom of the tape measure upward, marking a quarter-circle that ends at the upper edge. Cut along this arc through all layers, resulting in a perfectly round table cloth (e).

Turn up a narrow 1/4" hem along the edge, then turn under another 1/4"; machine-stitch using matching thread; press.