Simple Apron Sewing Pattern

Simple Apron Sewing Pattern

Materials List
Thread and 1 yard of medium weight cotton fabric.

The solid dark lines indicate where to cut. The pink dotted lines indicate fold lines. The violet dotted lines indicate stitching.

1.) Cut out the pieces. The strap pieces should be 12inches (30cm) by 2 inches (5 cm). The top of the apron should be 9inches (22cm) and the straight part of the sides should start about 10inches (25cm) from the top.

2.)Sew the center seam of the top strap with the right sides together. You will now have one long piece.

Next, fold the strap lengthwise with the wrong sides together. (pink dotted lines are fold lines; violet dotted lines are stitches) You will now have a narrowish double-sided piece with the right sides of the fabric facing outward. One edge will be a fold and the other edge will be two raw edges. Topstitch along the foldline. (Don't worry about the raw edges for now. They will be taken care of in the fifth step.)

3.) With right sides together and the raw edges of the strap lining up with the raw edges of the sides of the apron, sew the ends of the strap to the top edge of the apron. (make sure the unfinished edges are on the outside...) With one right side of the strap against the right side of the apron, sew the strap to the top edge of the apron, making sure that all unfinished edges are on the outside. Hem the top of the apron by folding over ÂĽ inch and another ÂĽ inch again. Ensure that the straps are pointing upwards away from the apron. Stitch. Topstitch along the upper edge.

4.) Fold the ties in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew one side of each tie to finish. Remember that the ties will hang down when the apron is tied so the finished edge should be at the bottom.

Turn the ties right side out and topstitch along the fold lines and the bottom of the ties. Sew the ties to the sides of the apron in the same manner as the strap, making sure that the unfinished edges are on the top of the apron. stitch ends of ties

5.) With the wrong side facing you, fold over the raw edge of the apron 1/4 inch and another 1/4 inch again to hem the apron all the way around the apron. Stitch. This should take care of all raw edges. (I like to start at the bottom right corner of the apron.)