Baby Knitted Hat Pattern

Tiger Kitty Knitted Hat Pattern

Materials List
Lion Brand Lion Suede - Fun Fur

GAUGE: 12 sts + 19 rows = 4" [10 cm] in St st (k on RS, p on WS) with A on largest needles.

Knitted Cord *Slide sts to other end of double-pointed needle and knit them, pulling yarn tightly across the back of the work. (Do not turn work.) Rep from * to make cord.

Stem Stitch Working from left to right, bring needle up through knitted piece to right side. Holding the thread toward you, take a short slanting back stitch. Make the next and each successive stitch from right to left and bring the needle out to the left at the end of previous stitch.

French Knot Thread needle and bring from back to front through knitted piece. Wrap yarn around needle 3 times, insert needle back into knitted piece close to where it emerged. Tighten knot.

All pieces are worked with largest needles unless otherwise noted.

With A, cast on 56 sts. *Work in St st for 4 rows. Change to B. Work in St st for 4 rows. Change to A. Rep from * 2 more times.

Shape Top
Continuing in stripe sequence as established, shape top and finish:
Row 1 (RS) K 1, *k 4, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 47 sts.

Rows 2, 4 and 6 Purl.

Row 3 K 1, *k 3, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 38 sts.

Row 5 K 1, *k 2, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 29 sts.

Row 7 K 1, *k2tog; rep from * across - 15 sts.

Row 8 *P2tog; rep from * to last st, p 1 - 8 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing seam. With large-eyed blunt needle, thread tail through remaining sts on needle. Pull tightly and secure. Sew back seam.

EAR - Make 2
With C, cast on 21 sts. Change to B and knit 3 rows. Pass all sts, 1 at a time, over first st. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through remaining st and pull to tighten.

With D, cast on 5 sts.

Row 1 Knit.

Rows 2 and 4 Purl.

Row 3 K2tog, k 1, k2tog - 3 sts.

Row 4 Purl.

Row 5 K3tog - 1 st.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through remaining st; pull to tighten.

Using photo as a guide, fold Ears in half and sew to each side of Hat about 2" [5 cm] apart. Sew Nose in place. With D, embroider smile. With C, embroider 3 whiskers on each side of Nose using Stem st. With B, embroider iris. With D, outline Eyes. With D, embroider pupil with French Knots.

Click for explanation and illustration
k = knit k2tog = knit 2 together
k3tog = knit 3 together
p = purl
p2tog = purl 2 together
RS = right side
St st = Stockinette stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
tog = together
WS = wrong side