Tin Pumpkin halloween crafts

Tin Pumpkin

by Melinda Frewin

Supplies Needed

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Old soup, fruit and vegetable cans

Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint:
Leaf Green
Burnt Sienna

Satin Varnish

All Purpose Sealer or Krylon Metal Primer

Waterproof Black Pen

Thin Wire


Prep: With a drill and small drill bit, make small holes on either side of can for handle.
Wash can with soap and water. Rinse with white vinegar to get off any soap residue. Let dry.
Spray can with metal primer or apply all purpose sealer. Let dry.

Tin PumpkinPainting:
Tangerine - Basecoat entire can.
Seminole - Base in the leaves.
Burnt Sienna - Lightly stipple down each rib of pumpkin.
Crocus - Lightly stipple down between the Burnt Sienna stipple. Base in mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows.
Pumpkin - Sideload/Float inside and all the way around - mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows. Walk the float out in the lower left corners of the eyes.
Leaf Green - Sideload/Float around the edges of the leaves.
Pine - Reverse (flip float) along the vein of each leaf. With a liner brush, line in the curly vines.

Let Dry

Apply Satin Varnish

With pen - On Pumpkin, add stitching lines down the center of the burnt sienna stipple. Outline mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows. On leaf line in the vein.

Add wire handle

Tie a raffia bow at the top