Glowing Crystal Ball

Glowing Crystal Ball

These crystal balls are crafted from ordinary second-hand and hardware store finds!

The glass domes are easily found most second-hand stores for a dollar or two, and candle bases from any garage sale or flea market. The addition of glitter gives the balls a mystical look, and the glow-sticks offer a safe alternative to candles or electricity.

The glow sticks will last for 8 to 12 hours depending on temperature and come in assorted colors, but green looks the best.

Materials Needed:
  • White Glass Dome (don't use clear or smoked)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint with Sparkles
  • 1" Wide Paint Brush
  • Candle Holder with a Wide Base
  • Glow Sticks from the Hardware or Camping Supply store

  1. Clean the glass dome thoroughly and let it dry.

  2. Coat the dome with the sparkly acrylic paint using the paint brush and let it dry. You can also use a spray-on sparkle paint. The paint could take up to 48 hours to dry and should not be handled much.

  3. Activate a glow stick and place it inside the ball.

  4. Place the ball on the candle holder and enjoy.

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