Bluebell Doll Pattern

Bluebell Doll Pattern

Materials List
Two different blue fabric 25cm x 7.5 cm (10" x 3"), (one main and one contrast)
Piece of flesh fabric 7.5 cm x 378cm 3"x 15"
Small amount of mohair
Small amount of green velvet or felt for collar


Transfer pattern pieces to freezer paper or cardboard. Trace around leg/body piece onto flesh fabric and sew around all edges, leaving opening as marked on pattern. Turn RSO and stuff, being careful not to stuff the body/neck area too firmly. Close opening. Fold in half lengthwise and sew together by hand at the neck and body markings. (See Diag. A)

Sew around head leaving opening as marked on pattern. Stuff head and insert neck in head opening. Stitch to body. Sew arms leaving one end open and turn RSO. Tie a knot in the centre for hands. Stitch to body at back of shoulder. (High on body back)

Place the two blue fabrics together, (RST), trace the petal template five times and make five petals by sewing around edges and leaving top open. Hand gather the tops of the five petals and stitch them around the neck. Add your green "collar" placing opening at back.

Mark face with brown Pigma pen and shade eyes with blue Prismacolour pencil and lips with red pencil. Glue mohair to head and add a pin to back.