Abi Slippers Crochet Pattern

Abi Slippers Crochet Pattern

Designed by: Abigail Goss
Materials List
2 colors worsted weight yarn, 1.5 oz each
Size "J" hook

Size: approx. womens 8. (Can be manipulated to any size by working more rows on foot section).

Foot section
1. WITH 2 STRANDS OF YARN THROUGHOUT, Chain 3, 9 hdc in first ch. Join to first hdc (not beg ch)-(9 hdc)

2. Ch 2, hdc in same as joining, 2 hdc around (inc made). Join to ch 2 (18)

3. Ch 2, hdc in next 2 sts, inc, (hdc in next 3sts, inc) around to last 2 sts. hdc in each of next 2 sts. Join (22)

4. Ch 2, hdc in same as joining, hdc around. Join to FIRST HDC. (21)

5-8. Ch 2, hdc around. Join (21)

Ankle section (work row 13 or 14 to length -1" if you are changing the size)
9.Ch 2, hdc in next 16 sts. Leave rem sts unworked. Ch 2, turn (17)

10-12. Hdc in next 16 sts, ch 2 turn. (a end of row 11, only ch 1 before turning to row 12)-(17)

13. Sc in same st as last st on row 11, hdc across to last st, sc in last st, ch 2, turn (17)

14-17. Hdc across, ch 2, turn (17)

18. 2 hdc in same st as last st on row 15. Hdc across to last st. 2 hdc in last st. (19)

Either sl st down back loops of back seam to sew up or cut yarn and sew up back with 2 strands of yarn. Attatch the following flower is desired to row 5 of foot section.

With 1 strand of color, ch 2, 10 sc in 1st ch, join to first sc. (Ch 2, dc in same sp, dc in next st, ch 2, sl st in same sp as last dc.) Rep around in next 2 sts. (5 petals). Fasten off and sew center of flower over row 5.

If desired, sc tightly around ankle and leg opening with 1 strand of yarn and size "G" hook.