Pom Pom Crocheted Hat Pattern

Pom Pom Crocheted Hat Pattern

Materials List
Bear Brand Or Fleisher's "Shetland And Wool"
Or Botany Scottie "Shetland And Wool", 2 skeins (2 oz. skeins);
Or Bear Brand, Fleisher's Or Botany Winsom, 2 skeins (2 oz. skeins).
CROCHET HOOK: "Boye" Aluminum Hook, Size K-or size you require to obtain gauge.

GAUGE: 3 sc = 1 inch
CHECK YOUR GAUGE -It is very important to work to gauge given at beginning of instructions to insure correct size of article. When you have about 1 inch finished, measure off 2 inches in width and mark with pins. Count the stitches between pins. If you have less stitches than required for 2 inches your work is too loose, try smaller size needles or crochet hook. If you have more stitches than required for 2 inches, your work is too tight, try larger size needles or crochet hook.

Ch 28 for back edge. Work 1 sc in 2nd and each remaining st of ch; 27 sc.

Row 2 - right side-Ch 1, turn, work 1 sc in both loops of first sc; 1 sc in back loop only of each of next 25 sc, 1 sc in both loops of last sc.

Row 3 - Same as row 2.

* First Short Row - Work as for row 2 to within 6 sc of end, work slip st in back loop of next sc, leaving remaining sts free.

2nd Short Row - Ch 1, turn, skip slip st, work 1 sc in back loop of each sc to within 1 sc of end, 1 sc in both loops of last sc.

Next row - Ch 1, turn, work as for row 2 to slip st, insert hook through back loop of slip st and back loop of same sc as slip st was worked into and work 1 sc, work 1 sc in back loop of each of next 4 sc, 1 sc in both loops of last sc. Work 3 rows even as for row 2 *.

Repeat between *'s 13 times more, ending last repeat with 1 complete row instead of 4 rows after last short row. Fasten off.

FINISHING - Sew first and last row tog. for back seam. Run strand of yarn through end st of each row on short edge and draw up tightly for top; fasten securely.

With loop on hook, beg. at seam. from right side, work 53 sc evenly spaced around outer edge.

Round 2 - Do not turn, continue around as follows: working from right side. work 1 sc around stem of each sc in row below inserting hook from back around sc, leaving top loops of sc free on right side. Repeat round 2 until 5 sc rounds in all, slip St in next sc. Fasten off. Steam lightly.

POM-POM - Wind strand of yarn 260 times around 3-in. cardboard. Tie one end securely; cut other end. Trim ends evenly. Sew to top of hat.

sc-single crochet
dc-double crochet
yo-yarn over
An asterisk (*) indicates that the instructions immediately following are to be repeated the given number of times in addition to the original.