Crocheted Hat and Mittens Pattern

Crocheted Hat and Mittens Pattern

Crocheted using Montera yarn, which is a 50/50 blend of llama and wool with one of Tom's 6.5 mm hooks , the set is warm and cozy. I had nearly four skeins - one skein of each color and bits of the other colors.

The Hat

Chain 4, slipped to join, and then DC 8 to make a ring.

Ch 3, then 2 Dc in each St.

Ch 3 then 1 Dc in each St

repeat above two rows

Ch 3, *1 Dc, 2Dc*

Ch 3, 1 Dc

Ch 3, *1 Dc 4 times, 2Dc*

Then Ch 3, 1 Dc each row until it reaches just below your ears.

Ch 3, *1 Dc 4 times, 2 Dc*

Ch 3, 1 Dc

Repeat above two rows

Add another row of Dc

Ch 3, *1 Dc, skip one St*

I found the above row of decreases was a bit much and took some manipulation to get the band loose enough. I felted it in two trips through my - front loader - washing machine. The second trip made it a bit small, but some stretching and then placing it on a bowl and setting it next to the woodstove and voila - perfect fit.

The mittens:

Ch 13, Sc 12

Ch 1, Sc into back loop for 25 rows

whip stitch the two short ends together to form the cuff

Pick up 24 St and in a spiral, Sc 8 rows

Ch 5, Skip 5 St, Sc 4 more rows

Decrease at the sides and then do a plain row - 3 times

Decrease every row until you have 10 stitches left - adjust the decreases so that the mitten will be proportionate to your hand. Whip stitch closed on the inside of the mitten.

For the Thumb, work three rows of 14 Sc, and then decrease one stitch on outside of thumb, followed by a plain row - three times, then two rows with the decrease again. Whip stitch the thumb closed on the inside. And again, it took two trips through the washer.