Childs Crocheted Ponytail Hat Pattern

Childs Crocheted Ponytail Hat Pattern

Materials List
1-2 oz. skein (any kind of yarn is okay)
Size F crochet Hook

NOTE: This hat fits toddlers up to age 5.

Foundation chain: Chain 15. Turn

Row 1: Skip 3 chains (counts as 1 DC) DC in each of the remaining chains. ch 3, turn.

Row 2: Dc in each of 12 DC, ch 3, turn. Always work in back loop only to form a ridge.

Row 3: Repeat row 2. Ch 40 at end of row 3, turn. Work 2 SC in each back loop of first 20 ch sts. 1 SC in each of the remaining 20 sts. You are now in a position to work next row. DC in remaining 12 stitches of this row (back loop only)

Row 4: 2 DC in first DC, DC in each DC in each DC across, ch 3. Turn. (14 DC)

Row 5: Work 15 DC across, increasing 1 DC at end of row. ch 45. Turn. 2 SC in each back loop of first 20 chs. SC in remaining 25 chs.

Row 6: 2 DC in first DC. DC in each DC across. Chain 3 and turn. (16 dc)

Row 7: Work 17 dc across, increasing 1 dc at end of row, ch 50, 2 sc in each back loop of first 20 chain sts. SC in remaining 30 chs.

Repeat rows 6 & 7, increasing 1 dc in each row and inc the chs to 52, 55, 55, then dec to balance first half, making chs 55, 55, 52, 50, 45. Then work 3 more rows to correspond to the first 3 rows. (13 dc each- includes ch 3)

Each end of cap may be left straight or join yarn and decrease sts to form a point (this is what I did on the lavender hat in the picture above) Attach yarn to end of cap, ch 55. 2 sc in each of first 20 sts, sc in remaining ch. Work the same for other side of hat. This forms the ties.

If you'd like a pompom on the hat (to tie the curls together, wind yarn about 50 times over a 3 in. piece of cardboard,. Fasten yarn, leaving a short length. Gather all curls tog. and fasten pompom around them. OR you can wrap fun fur around curls, to tie tog. as I did in picture above.

Work 1 row sc across front of hat. You may need to decrease some fitting the hat around head. NOTE: after working my sc in lavender yarn, attach fun fur (or whatever fuzzy yarn you want) and single crocheted 2-3 rows for the fuzzy edging.