Vintage Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern

Vintage Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern

2 pounds Cream White BEAR BRAND 4 fold Saxony Yarn
2 pieces pink ribbon one inch wide.

Chain 172

Row 1: 3 d.c. in first chain, skip 3, 3 d.c. in next stitch, and repeat to end of row, catching into last stitch with 1 s.c.

Row 2: 3 d.c. in each middle chain stitch between the clusters, and fasten at end of last cluster with s.c.

Turn, and in the middle d.c. of each cluster of the first row make 3 d.c., fastening again at the end with a s.c. This holds the various rows together. Repeat until afghan is desired size, always being sure to catch at end with s.c.

Finish about the edges with a row of holes for ribbon, and a scallop of 12 d.c. Run in ribbon, and make a full rosette at each corner.

This stitch has the merit of washing particularly well.