Ski Hat Ornament

Ski Hat Ornament

Size F hook
2 colors of Sport or baby yarn
tapestry needle
fork (to make pom pom).


With white, ch 16.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Sc in back loop only to end of row, ch 1, turn.

Continue this pattern of sc in back loop only until pieces measures twice the desired width of finished piece.

FINISHING: With tapestry needle sew sides together. Gather top of hat. Turn inside out turning up end to form a cuff. Using contrast color wrap yarn 15 times around the tines of a kitchen fork. Tie a piece of yarn to the center, trim to form a pompom. Attach pompom to the top of the hat. This hat can be used as a Christmas ornament, or place a safety pin on the back and use it as a pin for a Winter coat.