Angel Wreath Ornament

Angel Wreath Ornament

Size H hook
4 ply worsted weight yarn, bow
25x30mm acrylic birthstone
12mm pearl
bead cap for pearl and loop bead cap for birthstone
26 ga wire
wing of choice (fairy fillagree wing )
E6000 glue

SIZE: 6" across


WREATH: Cut the rim off of a large plastic cup.(the kind with a rolled rim). with an h hook sc 60 times over rim and join w/ slip stitch to first sc. sc in joining stitch, chain 5, skip next two sc's, sc in next around, to join, ch 2, hdc in first sc in place of last chain 5. sc over hdc, 5 dc in next ch 5 space, sc in next ch 5, repeat around. join w/slip stitch in first sc. chain 10, slip stitch in same stitch. weave in ends. embellish w/ bow of choice.

ANGEL: Cut 2 inch piece of wire. thread through birthstone and twist two ends tightly together. place small amount of glue on stone and place loop bead cap over wire onto stone. Allow glue to set. Place small amount of glue on wire and top of bead cap and thread pearl over wire. Allow glue to set again. Cut wire close to pearl and glue bead cap to top of pearl, cut eyepin to size of pearl, place sml amount of glue on straight end of eyepin and insert through hole in bead cap into top hole of the pearl. again allow glue to set. Place moderate amount of glue on center of wing and glue to back of angel, allow to dry overnight.

Cut additonal wire and thread through loop in eyepin and attach to wreath.